14th February 2017

New music is coming this year. There is an itty bitty taster on the bandcamp page for you to indulge in for 40 seconds or so.

In addition, other voices will be adding their contributions to the next release.

We are excited.  You're probably bored.

2017 taster

30th December 2016

As the new year almost dawns, so it will bring new Brown Snake Kills Dog.

5th October 2016

There are embryonic talks afoot of vinyl or lathe issues of 'Others See What We Are Blind To', 'Thicker Fog' and 'Sorry, I Failed To...'. More details will arise in the new year, but at this stage, they will be self-funded and on a very limited press. Probably no more than 20 copies per release. We have an email mailout dedicated to this vinyl idea, so if you would like more info as it comes, please sign up here: http://eepurl.com/bOgnCX

Signatories will receive info regarding this vinyl first, before it comes up on the website, bandcamp, facebook or whatever other news channel. There will be links for payment and ordering via the mailout.
Unless, of course, some massive label picks us up! hahaha!